Why More Men are Getting Plastic Surgery

Why More Men are Getting Plastic Surgery

Why more men are getting plastic surgery

Why more men are getting plastic surgery

As more men are heading to plastic surgeons for treatment today, the question arises why are male patients more inclined to seek cosmetic procedures now than in the past? The answer to that question may be multi-faceted, as men pursue surgical and non-surgical procedures for a wide range of reasons. At Houston Center for Plastic Surgery, we have a number of reasons why cosmetic medicine may be appealing to a greater percentage of the male population today.

Restore a Youthful Appearance

Men, like women, often pursue plastic surgery to regain a small piece of their youth. Procedures like injectable treatments and even facelifts effectively roll back the clock on the appearance, giving men a bit of their youthful vitality once again. However, men tend to want slightly different results than women. While they like the idea of erasing many of their facial creases, they often want to leave a few lines behind to maintain a sophisticated, distinguished appearance.

Remain Competitive in the Job Market

Youth has influenced the job market like never before, with companies in search of the latest technology and the newest workforce to manage it. Men reaching the middle years discover that minimizing the effects of aging may increase their marketability in the job market for a longer period of time. Again, most men are looking for subtle results that make them look more youthful and energetic, without completely eliminating a mature, commanding appearance.

More Socially Acceptable

Thanks to celebrities like Simon Cowell and Gene Simmons who have admitted to nips and tucks, makinging the idea of plastic surgery for men is much more socially acceptable. As more men come in for procedures, cosmetic surgeons are also striving to create an environment in their offices that is as comfortable for men as for women. As the practice becomes more commonplace, the expectation is that male plastic surgery patients will continue to increase their numbers.

More Options Available

As the popularity of plastic surgery continues to rise, so do the number of treatment options available. Today, non-surgical procedures that involve little or no discomfort or downtime are producing comparable results to more invasive surgical procedures. As men tune into the many options available to them, more men are finding a procedure that addresses their specific needs and desired outcome.

At Houston Center for Plastic Surgery, our team strives to provide a comfortable, professional environment for both our male and female patients. Dr. Rappaport works with men every day to help them find the procedures and surgeries that will best meet their expectations. To learn more about your options in plastic surgery, contact the Houston Center for Plastic Surgery at (713) 790-4500 to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Rappaport.

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