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Kybella is an FDA-approved medication containing the active ingredient deoxycholic acid. The substance in Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid that is naturally produced by the body. The primary purpose of this acid is to rupture fat cells so that they can be reabsorbed by the body. When concentrations of this substance are placed underneath the chin, it destroys the fat cells in the area so they can be naturally eliminated by the body. The result is a trimmer jawline with restored definition and a sleeker transition from the neck to the face.

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Kybella Treatments in Houston

What is Submental Fat?
Submental fat is the accumulation of fat and tissue underneath the chin that gives the impression of a double chin. The look can be further exacerbated by skin laxity that is a natural part of the aging process. According to a 2015 survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), as many as 67 percent of people are concerned about this aesthetic issue. In fact, a double chin is just as much of a problem for adults as the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles.

Submental fat may be due to weight gain, but it can also be the byproduct of genetics and aging. This type of fat does not usually respond to diet and exercise efforts, leaving both men and women at a loss as to how to reverse the additional tissue. Now, Kybella provides a non-surgical option for those focused on restoring a youthful definition to the chin and lower jawline.

Candidates for Kybella
Kybella is recommended for both men and women with mild to moderate submental fat under the chin. Patients may need multiple treatment sessions to achieve full results. Kybella is strictly a fat reducer, so significant skin laxity will not be helped with this procedure. If skin looseness is a concern, treatments like Ultherapy may be used in addition to Kybella to address this issue and further enhance results.

Kybella is not usually advised for patients that are pregnant or nursing. The procedure also should not be used on patients with an active infection around the injection sites. If you have had previous treatments for your submental fat, Dr. Rappaport will assess your case individually to determine whether Kybella is right for you.

If you have moderate to severe amounts of skin laxity or additional tissue and fat, liposuction or a face lift might be better options for you. Dr. Rappaport will advise you on the best procedure for your specific needs based on the amount of fat needing to be treated and your desired results.

How is Kybella Performed?
Kybella is performed in our office on an outpatient basis. Most patients will need multiple injections placed at strategic locations under the chin to effectively address all the fat cells in the area evenly. Kybella injections usually take less than 30 minutes to complete. Topical anesthetic can improve the comfort level during the procedure.

What is the Recovery Like?
There is no downtime after Kybella treatments – patients may return to their daily activities as soon as the procedure is over. Some patients will experience mild bruising and swelling after the treatment, which usually subsides on its own within a few days. Discomfort after the procedure is minimal and does not usually interfere with your daily activities.
What Can I Expect from My Results?
Results of Kybella develop over time, as the treated fat cells are reabsorbed by the body. Most patients will need multiple treatment session to achieve full results, which are spaced around one month apart. Once the results of Kybella are fully evident, patients can expect to enjoy long-lasting results from the treatment.

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Dr. Rappaport Answers Questions about Kybella

Do You Perform the Kybella Treatments in Your Office?
Yes, I perform all of my own injectable treatments. While Kybella is relatively safe, improper injections can lead to complications like nerve damage. It is imperative to choose an experienced Kybella provider to reduce those risks and achieve the best possible results.

Is Kybella Safe?
When administered properly, Kybella has an excellent track record of safety and success.
Is Kybella a Better Option than Other Injectable Treatments?
The answer to this question depends on the specific concerns to be addressed. If skin laxity is the primary issue, dermal fillers may be a better injectable option than Kybella. However, if the patient is focused on eliminating isolated deposits of fat from underneath the chin, Kybella is likely to be the best choice. In some cases, a combination of procedures may be recommended to achieve the best possible results.

Will Kybella Eliminate My Need for Surgical Procedures?
Kybella can be a good option for patients that are not yet ready for surgical procedures as a means of facial contouring. The procedure works especially well on patients with earlier signs of aging and mild to moderate fat accumulation in the area. However, Kybella is not a replacement for surgery and most patients find that over time, gravity and age will create the need for a surgical procedure eventually.

Can Kybella Treat Other Areas of Fat?
At this time, Kybella is only approved to treat submental fat underneath the chin. It has not been sufficiently tested for its safety or effectiveness in treating fat in other areas of the face or body.

Kybella is an effective, non-surgical solution for submental fat that can make you look older than you feel. This simple injectable treatment provides a more youthful facial profile without incisions, anesthesia or downtime. To learn more about Kybella or find out if this is the right procedure for you, contact Houston Center for Plastic Surgery at 713-790-4500.

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