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Now you can afford the plastic surgery you want.

Do you wish you could have liposuction, breast augmentation, maybe a tummy tuck—but didn’t think you could afford it in today’s economy? Think again.

Take advantage of financing plans with easy monthly payments.

Dr. Rappaport offers financing through Alphaeon Credit, a finance company specific to Lifestyle Healthcare. Alphaeon helps patients live a dynamic life while looking and feeling their best. “Be your best you!”


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Dr. Rappaport offers financing options through CareCredit, a GE Money company, the nation’s leading provider of patient financing plans with more than 7 million cardholders.

Dr. Rappaport participates in the 6 month same as cash option with Care Credit to help you cover the cost of looking your best. Please call our office at 713.790.4500 for details, or visit CareCredit to apply online.




CosmetAssure provides peace of mind to both surgeons and patients in the unlikely event a complication were to occur. Surgeons can execute the best medical care knowing the patient will not suffer a financial loss due to post-surgical medical bills.



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We also accept major credit cards.
If you prefer, you may choose to pay for your surgery with your VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card.

Dr. Rappaport participates in many insurance plans.
Dr. Rappaport participates in most PPOs and HMOs and is a member of the St. Luke’s Independent Practice Association and the Clinical Practice Organization of Houston’s Methodist Hospital. Be sure to check your insurance directory and ask our staff to double-check to see if we participate in your plan. We do accept Medicare assignment.

Any balance due after the insurance company has paid is your responsibility. Co-payments and deductibles will be due in advance of the time of service. Please note that most elective plastic surgery is not covered by health insurance.

Dr. Rappaport answers questions about financing and insurance

Q. When will you quote a fee for the surgery I’m considering?
A. “I prefer to discuss the surgical fee at the time of your personal consultation. Since each patient is unique, my office can develop a firm fee quote only after you and I have met in person to determine the right procedure(s) for you.

“Immediately after your personal consultation, our patient coordinator will give you a written quote for your consideration. This quote will include all fees associated with the surgery you’re considering, so there are no surprises.

“We will quote fee ranges over the phone to give you a ballpark figure, but it is impossible to quote a firm fee until you and I have met for a personal consultation.”

Q. Does insurance cover plastic surgery?
A. “Insurance will generally cover reconstructive plastic surgery to repair facial or body wounds or injuries, or procedures that are medically necessary. Our staff can help you determine what benefits your plan will pay. We can also assist you in submitting the documentation needed for pre-approval for insurance benefits. I will act within the stipulations of your coverage whenever possible.”

Q. Will insurance cover breast reconstruction?
A. “Yes. The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1988 requires group health plans, as well as their insurance companies and HMOs that cover mastectomies, to provide certain benefits for reconstructive breast surgery. However, your coverage may provide only a small part of the total fee. Our insurance specialist will help you with any pre-certification and will make you aware of any coverage limitations.

“Most insurance companies are also required to provide benefits for alteration of the opposite breast to maintain symmetry.”

Q. What determines whether plastic surgery is cosmetic or reconstructive?
A. “Plastic surgery is considered reconstructive—and thus may be covered by health insurance—when it corrects abnormal body structures. One example is breast reduction. If you have developed back pain, chronic skin rashes or infections due to heavy, pendulous breasts, many insurance plans will cover the cost of a breast reduction.

“On the other hand, if the surgery you’re considering is strictly cosmetic—that is, performed on normal body structures to approve their appearance—it is not typically covered by insurance. If breast augmentation is performed on normal, healthy breasts, for example, it is considered cosmetic surgery. However, if a woman has breast augmentation following a mastectomy, the surgery would be considered reconstructive.

“Our staff can help you determine what benefits your insurance will pay and submit the necessary paperwork to your insurance company.”

Q. What other types of plastic surgery might be covered by insurance?
A. “Insurance companies vary widely in their definition of a legitimate health issue necessitating reconstructive surgery. However, three types of surgery are often covered by insurance:

Breast reconstruction. As noted earlier, breast reconstruction is considered an insurable procedure. However, not all commonly used surgical techniques may be covered by your plan. Our insurance specialist will help you with any pre-certification requirements and make you aware of any limitations. She will also work closely with your insurance carrier to obtain the maximum benefit allowed.
Nose reshaping. If you have a legitimate breathing problem that can be relieved only through nose reshaping surgery, your case may be covered in all or in part by insurance.
Eyelid surgery. If your vision is being obstructed due to hooded or drooping eyelids, eyelid surgery may be considered reconstructive and thus covered by insurance. A visual field study and a full report from your ophthalmologist are required before we can request an authorization from your insurance carrier.
Q. Do you charge a fee for consultations?
A. “Yes. I devote a generous amount of time to my personal consultation with you, and thus need to charge for a consultation. However, if you decide to go ahead with surgery, we will apply the consultation fee toward the cost of your surgery.”

Q. When is payment due for my surgery?
A. “If you decide to schedule surgery, we will collect a non-refundable deposit to assure you a place on the surgical schedule. The balance of your surgical fee is due in full three weeks before your surgery date. Your fee will be the total fee quoted at the consultation, minus the deposit and consultation fee.”

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