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Men and Weight Loss

Men that have lost a massive amount of weight, particularly after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, may not find the results of their weight loss efforts to be as satisfying as they hoped. Heavy folds of skin may be left behind, often the result of fast weight loss that did not give the skin time to conform to the new body contour. For men with this problem, the extra folds and flaps can significantly interfere with their appearance and even their physical comfort.

No matter how you lost the weight, whether it is through surgery or your dieting and exercise efforts, loose skin is a problem that can be addressed to give you the body profile you originally imagined. Dr. Rappaport offers massive weight loss surgery for men to remove excess skin and stubborn areas of fat to create the sleeker, smoother body contour you wanted when you began your weight loss journey. These procedures are highly customizable to the needs of each of our male patients, sculpting your physique just where you need it and never where you don’t.

Massive Weight Loss Surgery Options for Men

Men often find the weight they lose influences more areas of the body than they realize. Once the number on the scale reaches the target, they see where the excess folds settle and sometimes they are surprised by the location. One of the most concerning areas for men tends to be the chest area, where loose skin and breast tissue creates an appearance that is far from masculine. While women often pursue a breast lift and possible reduction to repair these issues, men don’t always realize they have similar options.

Dr. Rappaport offers both breast reduction and chest lifts to his male weight loss patients that sculpt the masculine chest contour they want. Male breast reduction surgically excises the extra skin and tissue that commonly forms in obese men as a result of an increase of estrogen in the body. While weight loss eliminates the fat, it will not effectively get rid of the tissue left behind. Surgery is typically the only way to remove the tissue and produce a flatter, more attractive upper body profile.

Other procedures that are commonly done during weight loss surgery include:

Abdominoplasty for men

The midsection is a common place for loose skin to accumulate, making it uncomfortable to wear smaller pants sizes. Stubborn fat deposits can also linger in this area after weight loss that interferes with your new, slender look. Abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck, sometimes combined with liposuction, can take care of these issues and firm up your abdomen. The procedure involves an incision from hipbone to hipbone, but it will be placed low enough to be hidden inside your underwear or swimsuit. Through the incision, Dr. Rappaport removes the excess skin and tissue to sculpt a smoother middle.

Brachioplasty for men

Even your arms can be affected by substantial weight loss, and no amount of working out your triceps will help that sagging skin underneath the upper arm conform to your leaner profile. Brachioplasty, also called an arm lift, is the surgical way to excise loose skin under the arm, creating a more attractive appearance for your polos and t-shirts. Dr. Rappaport will make an incision from your armpit to your elbow, underneath the arm where the scar will not be as noticeable. He will eliminate the skin and tissue if necessary to remove the “bat wing” look and streamline your upper arm shape.

Lower Body Lift for men

Significant weight loss can take its toll on the entire lower half of the body as gravity combines with the weight of loose skin to create a lumpy, uncomfortable body contour. A lower body lift addresses the area beneath the abdomen to tighten and sculpt the area from the hips to the knees. Incisions for a lower body lift extend all the way around the body, allowing Dr. Rappaport to possibly address the hips, thighs, and buttocks in a single surgery. Liposuction may also be used during this treatment to enhance your body sculpting results further. While this extensive procedure is done under general anesthesia and requires an overnight stay in the hospital, the ability to create a proportionate, symmetrical body contour is a benefit worth the investment.

How is Massive Weight Loss Surgery Performed?

Massive weight loss surgery is performed in a hospital under general anesthesia in most cases. Dr. Rappaport will take care to place incisions so that visible scarring after surgery is minimal. He also takes steps before, during and after your procedure to minimize patient discomfort and avoid the need for narcotics during the recovery process. This also alleviates a host of unpleasant side effects associated with opioids, including nausea, vomiting and constipation.

What about Recovery?

Dr. Rappaport’s perioperative medication protocol ensures a more comfortable recovery process, allowing you to rest and heal more quickly in some cases. However, this procedure usually requires at least two weeks of recovery, as your body needs time to recuperate fully. Most of our patients find the time taken for recovery is well worth it when they see the and feel the dramatic results of their massive weight loss surgery.

If your massive weight loss did not lead to the full results you hoped for, weight loss surgery might be the right next step for you. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Rappaport, contact us today at 855-853-7926.

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