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After Weight Loss

“Patients that have lost a significant amount of weight may be disappointed in there appearance. Loose, hanging skin left over after massive weight loss efforts can be physically painful as well as cosmetically unattractive. My goal is to help these individuals reach the next step in their weight loss goals by creating a body contour that achieves the ultimate benefit of circumferential harmony and proportion.” – Dr. Norman Rappaport

Whether you have had bariatric surgery, gastric banding or you have lost weight through exercise and diet, you may feel as though you are wearing an oversized suit of skin from head to toe. This excess skin may even be a health risk. Surgical procedures designed to address the excess skin accompanying massive weight loss can be undertaken on an outpatient basis or, depending on the procedure, with a one night stay in the hospital.

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After Weight Loss

How can Post-Weight Loss Surgery Improve Your Appearance?
Dr. Rappaport offers a variety of procedures that can help improve your appearance after weight loss:

Arm Lift – This procedure corrects the “bat wing” appearance of the skin between the axilla and the elbow, giving the upper arm a leaner contour.

Breast Lift – Breast enhancement is common request from patients after significant weight loss. For many women, volume addition and reshaping is needed as is skin reduction and reshaping for men.

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty – This procedure removes excess skin and tissue from the midsection for better definition at the waistline.

Lower Body Lift/Belt Lipectomy – Think of this procedure as a facelift for your trunk region. A lower body lift is tailored to those who not only have excess skin in the abdominal area but sagging skin around their torso.

Buttock Lift – An innovative procedure known as auto buttock augmentation can remove excess skin and sagging from the buttocks without sacrificing sensuous curves in the upper part of the backend.

Appropriate consultation and planning with Dr. Rappaport will determine the best way to approach surgery after weight loss. Dr. Rappaport and his staff are experienced in working with individuals who have had massive weight loss. They understand what you have done to get to this step and look forward to helping you through the process.

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