Want a trimmer silhouette?

Want a trimmer silhouette?

Have you noticed that as time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to slim your problem areas? You’re not alone.

“I’d always had a fairly proportional figure but tended to gain weight in my hips and thighs,” says Debbie, age 56. “After I went through menopause, I gained seven pounds that I just couldn’t lose. The extra weight settled on my hips just below my waistline, and on the saddlebag area—what I call the ‘pone.’”

Debbie had liposuction to contour her hips, outer thighs and the area around her knees.

“Liposuction works best on women like Debbie who are within 30% of their ideal weight,” Dr. Rappaport explains. “It’s a very good solution for patients with localized fat deposits that just don’t respond to diet and exercise.”

No more saddlebags!

“Basically, Dr. Rappaport reshaped my body,” Debbie says. “It was amazing! He was able to sculpt my hips into a smoother, softer silhouette. Now I can wear belts and tuck-in blouses and it leaves a very smooth line. I don’t have saddlebags anymore!”

Not only do her clothes fit better, but Debbie is wearing smaller clothes since her surgery. “I went from a size 10-12 to a solid 8 in slacks—and sometimes a size 6,” she says. “My lipo helped everything—the way my clothes fit, my proportions. Dr. Rappaport shaped my body.

“Now I can wear a bikini,” she says. “The liposuction scars are so tiny that they just fade away.”

Debbie is very happy with her results. “It’s fantastic—I love it!” she says. “It’s the best thing I ever did for myself. I only wish I’d done it at 40.”

Liposuction + mini-tummy tuck = A smoother silhouette

The best candidates for liposuction are individuals with good skin tone. “Liposuction alone will not change the elasticity of the skin—in fact, it can make loose skin appear even looser because liposuction removes volume from the tissues,” Dr. Rappaport explains.

“Many women lose skin elasticity and muscle tone in their lower abdominal area due to the effects of pregnancy and gravity,” he says. “I often perform a mini-tummy tuck in conjunction with hip and thigh liposuction on these patients. Unlike a full tummy tuck, a mini-tummy tuck works only on the portion of the abdomen below the navel. The mini-tummy tuck tightens up loose skin and lax muscles, and liposuction sculpts the hips and thighs.”

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