Want a flatter tummy in time for Summer?

Want a flatter tummy in time for Summer?

  • Do you have loose abdominal skin or belly fat that just won’t budge?
  • Are your tummy muscles overstretched after having children?
  • Do you have loose, hanging abdominal skin after weight loss?

A tummy tuck could be the key to having the firm, flat tummy you want.

‘I had an “extra flap” of hanging skin’

“I’ve probably been a candidate for a tummy tuck since I’ve had children,” says “Maggie,” age 59. “But then I gained a great deal of weight and recently lost 70 pounds, and that contributed to the problem. After my weight loss, I had a lot of loose, excess abdominal skin.” Maggie explains.

“Maggie was an excellent candidate for a tummy tuck,” says Dr. Rappaport. “She had achieved a stable, normal weight and needed help with two issues: loose abdominal skin and tummy muscles that had been overstretched. A tummy tuck corrected both problems. Now she has a flatter abdominal profile and a slimmer waistline.”

How does a tummy tuck work?

tummy tuck or abdominoplasty flattens the abdomen in two ways:

  • It tightens the rectus abdominis muscles that run up and down the belly and are often lax after pregnancy, weight loss or aging; and
  • A tummy tuck gets rid of loose, excess abdominal skin and fat, often removing a lot of stretch marks in the process.

A tummy tuck not only trims the waistline, but slims you all the way from the upper abdomen down to the bikini line.

No more elastic waistbands!

“My profile is totally different since my tummy tuck,” says Maggie. “Now I wear clothing styles that I would never have been able to wear before. I love wearing belts! Before my surgery, I hadn’t worn a belt in years.

“My recovery was very steady,” Maggie recalls. “One month later, my husband and I went on a European vacation.”

Maggie’s only wish is that she’d had her tummy tuck years earlier. “Don’t wait,” she says. “I’d advise younger women to have a tummy tuck as soon as they’re finished having children.

“Body image is very important,” Maggie adds. “Who knows? I might not have gained the weight if I’d taken care of my tummy soon after I had my children.”

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