Transform “Mom” Breasts to “Beach” Breasts

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Transform “Mom” Breasts to “Beach” Breasts

Many women become distressed over changes to their breasts after pregnancy and nursing. Breasts that were once full and perky can begin to sag and deflate over time, leading to a body profile that looks much more aged than you feel. These changes can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance, particularly during the bathing suit season when those breasts detract from your beach image. Perhaps it is time to transform your “mom” breasts into “beach” breasts with plastic surgery procedures designed just for you.

Regain Your Curves

It is not unusual for breasts to lose some of their volume after the changes that occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding. These changes can lead to breasts that look deflated, not an attractive feature if you spend much of your summertime in a swimsuit. Breast augmentation can help you regain your curves, with implants that add size and fullness to the breasts.

Breast implants come in an array of styles, shapes and sizes today, allowing us to tailor your breast augmentation procedure to your specific body proportions and your desired results. Implant surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis and most of our patients are back to regular activities within 7-10 days. Implants are approved for 10 year, but unless you are having problems with your implants, you can leave them in much longer if you choose.

Restore Your Youthful Body Contour

If your breasts have experienced significant ptosis (sagging) after have children, a breast augmentation procedure may not be sufficient for restoring your youthful body contour. In some cases, augmentation may be combined with a breast lift, a surgical procedure that restores breasts to their youthful position on the chest. A breast lift can also be performed alone, if the primary dissatisfaction with the breasts is more focused on drooping than loss of size.

A breast lift involves removal of excess skin and tissue from the lower half of the breast that are contributing to the sagging appearance. The breasts are sutured back into their original position on the chest, which may also make the breasts look slightly fuller overall. Like breast augmentation, a breast lift can be performed on an outpatient basis and patients are usually back to their regular activities within 7-10 days.

Other Procedures to Consider

Some women may decide to combine breast enhancement procedures with other cosmetic surgeries or treatments to further improve their results. Tummy tucks or liposuction are frequently performed at the same time as breast procedures, since slimming down the overall body contour can also make the breasts look fuller. Known as a Mommy Makeover, this combination of procedures helps women fully restore their pre-pregnancy bodies and enjoy greater self-confidence, particularly during the beach season.

Women may also decide to turn back the clock on their face at the same time they roll back time on their body. Surgical procedures like eyelid enhancement or a brow lift can offer dramatic results with minimal downtime and post-operative scarring. A facelift typically offers the most noticeable results, addressing signs of aging from the midface to the jawline.

If you are ready to trade in your “mom” body for a beach-ready model, Dr. Rappaport and the staff at Houston Center for Plastic Surgery can help. Contact our office today at (713) 790-4500 to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Rappaport and find out how we can help you greet the summer season with renewed confidence this year.

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