Lidocaine mixed with injectable facial fillers can make treatments more comfortable

Lidocaine mixed with injectable facial fillers can make treatments more comfortable

Have you been considering injectable fillers to make your face look younger—but hesitated because you thought the treatments might be too painful? Here’s good news: A new injection technique that mixes lidocaine (a local anesthetic) with facial fillers is making treatments much more comfortable.

“Mixing lidocaine with facial fillers like Juvéderm and Radiesse has averted the need for regional anesthetic blocks, except when treating particularly sensitive areas like the lips,” Dr. Rappaport explains.

This new treatment technique is gaining widespread recognition and is detailed in an article in the October issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Treatments take less time

Another advantage of the new technique: “When you come in for facial fillers, I can start your treatment right away, without having to wait for a traditional regional anesthetic block to take effect,” says Dr. Rappaport. “Especially at this time of year, my patients appreciate being able to save time.

“And there’s less swelling afterward,” he adds. “You can go right back to your normal activities after your treatment.”

‘I like the new injection technique much better!’

“Patients who have had injectable treatments with a regional block and with the combined lidocaine and filler much prefer the new technique,” says Dr. Rappaport.

“Kelly,” age 48, has had Radiesse injections to smooth out the “tear troughs” under her eyes using both the traditional and the new anesthesia methods.

“The regional anesthetic block was like having half of my face numbed,” she recalls. “But I don’t think it helped me much under the eyes, because it didn’t really reach up there.

“I like the lidocaine-plus-filler technique so much better,” says Kelly. “The needle is smaller and there’s minimal pain. You feel the needle going in and you feel some pressure, but it’s more comfortable than getting a regional block.”

‘Radiesse gets rid of that tired, sunken look under my eyes’

“Radiesse really makes my face look younger,” Kelly adds. “The new technique saves me time—and I like the fact that there’s no downtime after a treatment.”

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