Introducing Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics Tool

woman using crisalix virtual tool

Introducing Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics Tool

If you are thinking about getting plastic surgery, you may have been combing through millions of pictures of women online that you think have just the right look. While it’s always helpful to know what kind of results you’re looking for, it’s also important that they’re realistic and complement your existing features or body contour. At the Houston Center for Plastic Surgery, we offer Crisalix, a 3D and 4D virtual reality program that can allow you to see your plastic surgery results before you’ve even finished your initial consultation.

Crisalix – A Tool for the Digital Age

Plastic surgeons have long been using digital imaging software to help patients be able to see what their desired results may look like after surgery. This can be a useful tool in determining if you and your doctor agree on what you are expecting from your surgery, and ensuring that those expectations are realistic. Crisalix takes this technology a step further by integrating 4D virtual reality goggles into the process. Using these goggles will allow you to fully visualize the outcome of your surgery – when you put them on and look at your body, what you’ll see is what your actual results may look like.

When you come in for your consultation with Dr. Rappaport, he will take some high-quality photos of you, and upload them into the Crisalix system. The program then creates a 3D simulation of YOUR body, which is another advantage to this particular technology. You are able to easily visualize how the surgery you’ve chosen will look once it is completed.

Once your 3D simulated digital body model has been created, you can alter it however you choose, working with Dr. Rappaport to create a look that will enhance and complement your existing features and body contour. While it can be used to simulate any surgery, Crisalix is especially useful when considering breast augmentation.

The Crisalix Advantage

When you come to Houston Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Rappaport will create an individualized treatment plan customized to your needs. The Crisalix system can be a vital tool in this process. Because the 3D simulation is of your proportions, it allows you to tweak and tailor the procedure you’ve selected to fit the overall look you want to achieve.

There are decisions associated with any plastic surgery, but the Crisalix system is especially helpful in selecting the correct implants for your breast augmentation surgery by allowing you to see what the shape and size of the implants you had in mind will look like on your body. This is advantageous, because while you may desire a specific cup size, implant sizes are three dimensional, so finding the correct implant for your frame is much easier when you can see them “on.”

One of the most useful advantages to Crisalix is that it is a program that allows you to access your results from any device at any time. If you want to get the opinion of family or friends, just pull up your simulation images right on your phone. Additionally, Crisalix offers an online community where you can get advice and hear about other people’s experiences, as well as anonymously uploading your simulation to get opinions from others.

If you’ve been thinking about plastic surgery, but are worried that you might not achieve the results you were hoping for, look no further than Houston Center for Plastic Surgery and Crisalix. Call us today at 713-790-4500 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rappaport for a consultation, and experience the Crisalix revolution!

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