Dr. Rappaport loses 7-3/8" with Zerona

Dr. Rappaport loses 7-3/8" with Zerona

In our January issue, we introduced you to Zerona® Laser Therapy, a revolutionary new body-slimming treatment that guarantees you will lose at least 3-1/2 inches in two weeks, with:

No surgery • No needles
No pain • No downtime

“Being somewhat conservative by nature, I wanted to make certain that what I was being told about Zerona was reality,” he explains. “I called several colleagues across the country, and after hearing about their experiences, I entered into this on a ‘Let’s see how it works’ basis.”“Usually, anything that seems too good to be true is just that,” says Dr. Rappaport. “That’s why I took a very cautious approach to Zerona.

Dr. Rappaport tries Zerona on himself

“Before offering Zerona to my patients, I and several of my staff members tried the treatment on ourselves,” says Dr. Rappaport, who lost a total of 7-3/8 inches. “A couple of physician colleagues who were skeptical also tried Zerona and have had very good success—one lost 11 inches.

“Uniformly, our impression was that Zerona works on several levels:

  • Zerona works in terms of inches lost, as measured through the protocol.
  • It also works as a motivator—Zerona is an excellent way to jump-start a weight-loss and fitness regimen.

“That’s exactly what happened with us,” Dr. Rappaport explains. “After I and two other people on my staff tried Zerona and we all lost inches, we decided to promote Zerona to our patients.

“Subsequently, our patients have had a good experience, and quite a few have entered the Zerona program with the idea of it being a jump-start. Everybody has lost at least 3-1/2 inches—and one patient lost 9 inches!”

How does Zerona work?

Zerona uses an Erchonia cold laser that is safe, effective, painless and requires no down time. “The laser energy stimulates the fat cells to release their content which is then removed through the body’s natural detoxification system,” says advanced-practice nurse Deborah Hartman, RN, MSN, CNM—who lost 11-1/4 inches and 2.5% body fat with Zerona.

What are Zerona treatments like?

Zerona involves a series of six 40-minute treatments, one every other day for two weeks. “It takes 20 minutes while you lie on your back, and another 20 minutes while you lie on your tummy under the Zerona equipment,” Dr. Rappaport explains.

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