Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself this Holiday Season!

Holiday season treats

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself this Holiday Season!

While you are busy shopping for everyone else on your Christmas list this season, don’t forget to treat yourself as well. At Houston Center for Plastic Surgery, we offer quick injectable treatments that provide dramatic refreshment without anesthesia or downtime. Achieve your aesthetic dreams this holiday season with injectable treatments to meet all your cosmetic goals.

Smooth Away Worry Lines with Botox

Worry and frown lines that appear around the forehead and eyebrows can become even more pronounced during the holidays when unending to-do lists keep you on edge. Stand up to your holiday stress with Botox injections that ease away facial lines. Botox works by relaxing facial muscles used to produce certain facial expressions. When the muscles relax, so do the facial creases. Don’t worry, you will still be able to put on a natural holiday smile and your wrinkles will take a 3-4 month vacation while you celebrate the season.

Add Youthful Volume with Soft Tissue Dermal Fillers

Sunken cheeks and hollows under the eyes can give you the appearance of partying late even if you were in bed by 10. Rejuvenate your youthful vigor this season with injections of dermal fillers designed to restore facial volume and firm up lax skin. There are even formulations to plump up your pout before the party season gets into full swing.

At the same time, dermal fillers effectively minimize lines and creases that commonly appear around the nose and mouth. Smile lines that appear in the outer corners of the mouth and nasolabial folds that extend from the nose to the mouth are plumped and smoothed away. You can even boost the definition of your jawline for a younger facial profile, perfect for those holiday selfies!

Get Your Holiday Shine On Today!

Now is the perfect time to book your injectable treatment and put on a new look for the holiday season. Both dermal fillers and Botox injections work right away, with results that continue to improve in the days following your treatment. Injections take just a few minutes to complete and there is no downtime afterward, so you don’t have to worry about your holiday indulgence getting in the way of your shopping and other preparations.

Dr. Rappaport offers an extensive menu of injectable treatments, designed to meet the needs and aesthetic goals of every one of his patients. His experience in these procedures ensures you will enjoy the best possible results from your injections. To learn more, contact Houston Plastic Surgery at (713) 790-4500.

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