5 Facts about the IPL Photofacial

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5 Facts about the IPL Photofacial

The IPL photofacial has become a popular cosmetic procedure due to its minimal discomfort and downtime and positive results. This procedure uses pulses of light to address a variety of skin concerns. The IPL photofacial is available at Houston Center for Plastic Surgery, offering patients another tool for combating skin conditions and imperfections to create a smoother, more youthful appearance. If you are considering an IPL photofacial, there are a few facts you should know about this procedure before you schedule your appointment.

Recommended for Lighter Skin Tones

The IPL photofacial works by targeting the hemoglobin and melanin pigments in the skin that lead to red and brown discolorations. For this reason, it tends to be most effective on fairer skin tones, where there is a greater contrast between the skin color and the pigments. Patients with darker skin tones or tanned skin are usually advised to consider other skin rejuvenation procedures.

Not a Laser

The IPL photofacial does not use laser therapy. Lasers offer a single beam of light that is delivered to the skin to exfoliate and trigger the skin’s own healing response. IPL uses various wavelengths of light pulses that are specially designed to target the melanin in the skin and address very specific skin conditions.

Treats Skin Discolorations

The primary purpose of an IPL photofacial is to treat skin discolorations like brown spots and broken capillaries. The procedure is often recommended for rosacea sufferers, because it can effectively minimize the redness that typically accompanies this condition. When combined with a special topical photosensitizing agent known as Levulan, the IPL photofacial also becomes an effective acne treatment.

Quick Treatment, No Downtime

The IPL photofacial takes less than 30 minutes to complete, depending on the size of the treatment area. Patients can typically return to regular activities as soon as the procedure is over. Patients should however avoid the sun for several days following the procedure. Any skin redness after treatment can be effectively camouflaged with makeup, which may be applied directly after treatment in most cases.

Multiple Treatment Sessions Needed

The IPL photofacial is a procedure that provides enhanced results over time. Most patients will require a series of treatment sessions to achieve their full results. However, you will see skin improvement after every session, indicating the light therapy is having the desired effect on your skin.

The IPL photofacial is an effective way to address skin discoloration, spider veins and broken capillaries to give you a clearer complexion. The procedure is quick and requires little disruption to your daily schedule. To find out if the IPL photofacial is right for you, contact Houston Center for Plastic Surgery at (713) 790-4500.

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