Yes, you can reverse your skin’s sun damage

Yes, you can reverse your skin’s sun damage

Has the Houston sun taken its toll on your skin? Even if you use sunblock, you could still be suffering the cumulative effects of years of sun exposure:

  • Facial blotchiness
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Crepe-y skin on your décolleté

Subtlchanges helps you correct— and prevent—sun damage. We incur most of our sun damage by the time we’re 18. In our teens, we didn’t realize how much damage we were doing by not protecting our skin.

Fortunately, it can help you reverse the effects of sun damage—and prevent future damage—through prescription-grade clinical skin care.

We will design a personal skin care regimen for you. During your first appointment, we’ll ask you to complete an extensive questionnaire that addresses your lifestyle and sun exposure, as well as your ethnic background back to your grandparents.

Even in a time of political correctness, it’s very important to consider your ethnic background because the amount of melanin in your skin is based on your ethnic origin. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its color—the more melanin, the darker your skin.

Your personal 911 paramedic

Melanin is a much-needed aspect of our skin. When there is any kind of damage to your skin, whether from sun exposure, acne or a scar from a cut or wound, melanin comes to the rescue. But melanin is also what causes the brown spots associated with sun damage.

Developing a treatment protocol especially for you

During your consultation, we’ll discuss your answers to the questionnaire, as well as your skin care goals. What do you see when you look in the mirror? What would you like to correct?

Depending on your goals, we’ll develop a treatment protocol. It could simply involve medical-grade skin care products, or products plus treatments like IPL photofacials or microdermabrasion—and in some cases, surgery.

Prevent premature skin aging with Obagi C-Rx

Most people in their 20s and 30s are already showing signs of sun damage and need to prevent premature skin aging caused by sun exposure. In these cases, Obagi C-Rx is a very effective treatment regimen. Obagi C-Rx is a vitamin C-based program, combined with hydroquinone—considered by the FDA to be the gold standard for skin lightening.

The hydroquinone penetrates the basal layer of the skin and inhibits melanin production. And the vitamin C neutralizes harmful free radicals and restores radiance to lackluster skin.

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