What to Expect after Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation recovery

What to Expect after Breast Augmentation

You will probably go into your breast augmentation procedure with one goal in mind; to achieve fuller, rounder breasts that add curves to your upper body and boost your confidence level at the same time. While this is the goal you and Dr. Rappaport will work on together during your breast augmentation process, you will enjoy a more positive experience overall if you also prepare for what will happen after your surgery. There are certain steps to ensure a safe and restful recovery and make a significant difference in how you feel about your surgery experience. Houston Center for Plastic Surgery has the tips you need to make your breast augmentation process as safe and successful as possible.

Educate Yourself

From selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Rappaport to choosing your implant and learning about your procedure and recovery, the more time you spend researching your surgery, the more likely you will have a successful recovery.  The right surgeon will use techniques that not only ensure your best results but also reduce discomfort, swelling and other side effects after your procedure as much as possible. Most of Dr. Rappaport’s breast augmentation patients can return to light activities within a few days after surgery.

Prepare for What’s Ahead

The key to a comfortable recovery process is allowing yourself ample time to rest and heal after surgery. You do not have to plan on remaining in bed during those days following your procedure. In fact, getting up and moving even the same day as surgery can speed your recovery along. However, you should refrain from returning to work and other activities until your body is physically ready. Dr. Rappaport will advise you as to the amount of time you will need to recovery based on a variety of factors. The closer you follow his advice, the better your recovery process will be.

Follow Instructions

You will go home with a support wrap, a prescription for pain medication and instructions on what you can do to relieve discomfort and help your body heal. These steps are a crucial factor in a safe and comfortable recovery so follow them carefully. If you have any questions about the directions, don’t hesitate to give Houston Center for Plastic Surgery a call to get answers and clarification.

The Medication Factor

The medication you take or don’t take can help with your recovery process overall. Dr. Rappaport and his team will instruct you to stop taking certain medications before surgery because they can increase bleeding and bruising after your procedure. These include ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin, as well as supplements like iron and fish oil.

At the same time, Dr. Rappaport also uses a perioperative medication protocol to minimize discomfort and eliminate the need for prescription opioids after surgery. This approach also eliminates the unpleasant side effects of narcotic pain relievers, such as nausea, vomiting and constipation. When you can rest more comfortably after surgery, your body will heal more efficiently overall.

Reduce Swelling

Swelling is a common byproduct after surgery and a significant factor in your comfort level during recovery. Efforts to reduce swelling can also diminish your discomfort while speeding your recuperation somewhat. You will wear an exercise bra after your surgery or take additional steps to address swelling a maximize your comfort throughout the first week after augmentation.

Take Steps to Greater Comfort

You can also do things that will make you feel more comfortable as you recuperate at home. One of the biggest is to choose loose fitting clothing that buttons in the front, alleviating the need to stretch your arms over your head as you dress and undress.

The Importance of Patience

You likely went into breast augmentation with high expectations for your results, envisioning your new body profile and looking forward to that outcome. During these early days and weeks, patience needs to be an essential component in your recovery process. By maintaining a positive attitude during this time, you will be better able to give your body the peaceful rest it needs to heal quickly and safely. In just a few short weeks, you will be able to enjoy the full effects of your procedure.

Preparation for your breast augmentation surgery will go far in ensuring your recovery process is safe, comfortable and successful. To learn more about breast augmentation or the recuperation period afterward, contact Houston Center for Plastic Surgery at 855-853-7926.

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