Wave Goodbye to Your Bat Wings

Brachioplasty plastic surgery houston

Wave Goodbye to Your Bat Wings

Body contouring is typically focused on the midsection of the body, but this isn’t the only area where women want to see improvement. The upper arms also change over time, with loose skin and excess tissue that begin to give the appearance of “bat wings.” This change makes many women look much older than they feel and keeps them out of sleeveless fashions, even during the hottest Houston months. A surgical arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, may be just the ticket to restoring a youthful upper arm contour and your self-confidence in your appearance.

The Aging Arm

Time can do some damage to the upper arm, just like it can to the rest of the body. Skin laxity becomes a major problem in this area, as the underside of the upper arm begins to hang loosely. In some cases, the accumulation of isolated areas of fat and tissue can compound the problem. Unfortunately, no amount of pushups or triceps curls will relieve the problem, since these exercises will not tighten up loose skin in any way.

What Brachioplasty Can Do

The good news is brachioplasty can do what the exercises can’t – tighten up loose skin and restore a smoother, more youthful line to the upper arm. Dr. Rappaport offers different options for this procedure so that he can give you the precise amount of correction you are looking for. For those in need of minimal correction, enhancements can be made using a small incision close to the armpit. Extensive correction will likely involve an incision that extends from the armpit to the underside of the elbow.

No matter what the size of your incision might be, care will be taken to keep it as inconspicuous as possible to minimize visible scarring afterward. Through the incision, Dr. Rappaport will remove redundant skin and excess tissue to create a smoother upper arm shape. In some cases, liposuction may be used at the same time to produce a more contoured result.

For Weight Loss Patients

In some cases, brachioplasty is recommended after extreme weight loss has resulted in massive amounts of loose skin all over the body. Brachioplasty will usually be performed in conjunction with other lift procedures to create a more attractive body profile overall. This procedure often entails what is known as an extended brachioplasty, which removes loose skin along the side of the chest wall in addition to the underside of the upper arm.

Results in Time for Summer

If you are eyeing the calendar with some trepidation due to the upcoming summer season, brachioplasty may be the perfect way to get your body in shape for the warm weather ahead. This procedure involves a few days of recovery, but most of our patients are back in action within a week or so. After a number of weeks, the incision will begin to fade so it is less noticeable and your smoother arm contour will likely be worth the scar that is left behind.

Don’t hide your sleeveless fashions because you are self-conscious about your “bat wings.” We can help you sculpt a more attractive, youthful upper arm contour that will make you relish the warm weather ahead. Contact Houston Center for Plastic Surgery at 855-853-7926 to find out if brachioplasty is the right choice for you.

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