Study Shows Quality of Life Increases after Body Contouring Surgery

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Study Shows Quality of Life Increases after Body Contouring Surgery

While weight loss surgery has become an effective way for some obese individuals to shed substantial pounds, these procedures don’t always give patients the full results they want. While the extra weight comes off after surgery, the rapid changes to the body don’t allow time for skin and tissue to adapt to the new contour. Loose skin folds can be left behind, which are both unsightly and uncomfortable. If you are discouraged after massive weight loss,  Dr. Rappaport at Houston Center for Plastic Surgery has more evidence that body contouring surgery may be the way to improve your appearance and your quality of life overall.

Study Notes Benefits of Body Contouring

A recent study has validated what surgeons and weight loss surgery patients have already found – body contouring surgery offers numerous benefits to patients that have experienced massive weight loss. In this study, researchers in Chile surveyed women who had both bariatric (weight loss) surgery and body contouring procedures to determine whether the second surgery had a significant impact on their quality of life.

Scientists interviewed 112 women who had undergone weight loss surgery about their views on their appearance and their quality of life before moving forward with body contouring. The researchers surveyed 57 of those women four months after body contouring surgery and 84 women two years after having body contouring completed. Men were not included in the survey because only two men had undergone weight loss surgery at the hospital where the study took place and they declined to participate.

Assessing Quality of Life

To assess quality of life as accurately as possible for the study, researchers surveyed subjects on the following:

  • Satisfaction with their bodies
  • Self-esteem
  • Fulfillment in their sex lives
  • Social performance
  • Physical discomfort and symptoms

Subjects were asked to rate each of these factors on a scale from one to 100, with 100 indicating the greatest amount of happiness or fulfillment possible.

Research Results

Before body contouring, the average quality of life score for women was 44, a relatively low score considering the amount of change the subjects’ bodies had experienced after weight loss surgery alone. However, within one to nine months after body contouring, the average quality of life score increased to 86. After one to 2.7 years, the average score remained steady at 84. The findings were published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

Reasons Behind the Findings

The researchers concluded that body contouring after weight loss surgery significantly improved a person’s quality of life both in the short and long-term. At Houston Center for Plastic Surgery, we have seen firsthand the reasons behind the increased satisfaction:

  • Improves body contour, creating a sleeker profile
  • Eliminates skin fretting that leads to rashes and irritation
  • Allows smaller sizes of clothing to fit more comfortably
  • Gives patients ability to participate in some activities
  • Increases self-confidence and self-esteem

Body contouring may even prevent post-bariatric from gaining weight after surgery. Research suggests that when people feel better about their bodies and their appearance, they are more likely to make the choices necessary to maintain their healthy weight.

Body contouring is a customizable combination of procedures designed to eliminate loose skin and tissue and sculpt a leaner body profile. Because these surgeries can be extensive, it is imperative to find an experienced plastic surgeon that will ensure your procedure is safe, successful and as comfortable as possible. To learn more about your options in body contouring, contact Dr. Rappaport at Houston Center for Plastic Surgery today at 855-853-7926.

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