Plastic Surgery Trends for 2015

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Plastic Surgery Trends for 2015

Plastic surgery trends that were popular in 2014 have continued to be in demand for the first half of 2015. As new procedures become available and techniques for current surgeries are enhanced, both men and women are tuning into the many benefits some of these procedures promise. We have the list of some of the biggest plastic surgery trends for both 2014 and into the current year.

Body Contouring Procedures Going Strong

Body contouring continues to be a top goal for patients seeking plastic surgery in 2015. Part of the reason may be the introduction of more minimally-invasive procedures, such as Ultherapy, which can provide excellent results without discomfort or downtime. However, surgical procedures also continue to be popular, from liposuction to lift procedures that are often recommended after significant weight loss.

Buttock Augmentation Requests Continue to Increase

Women have switched their augmentation focus from their breasts to their backside. While breast augmentation continues to be one of the top performed surgeries in 2014, requests for buttock augmentation is growing. In addition to the many celebrities flaunting their bigger booties today, additional options like fat transfer and auto augmentation have given more choices to patients seeking this procedure.

Injectable Treatments High in Demand

Minimally-invasive options continue to be popular as well, as more formulations are introduced to allow for even more precise customization of procedures. Today, the “liquid lift,” which uses a combination of injectable treatments to turn back the clock on the appearance, offers a viable solution to patients not yet ready for a surgical facelift. Both men and women are seeing the benefits of injectable treatments for smoothing away facial lines and restoring youthful volume.

Procedures Not Just for Women

Speaking of men, they are becoming much more visible in plastic surgeons’ offices today. An increasingly competitive marketplace, coupled with a rise in procedures designed just for men, may be driving this trend. Men are coming in for everything from a few injectable treatments to Ultherapy, body contouring and breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reconstruction Rates Increase

Breast reconstruction increased seven percent in 2014 and that trend appears to be continuing into the current year. These numbers are good news for breast cancer survivors, as studies have shown reconstruction after breast cancer surgery can improve a woman’s mental and emotional state. New techniques that make the procedure more comfortable and natural than ever before also may be driving this trend.

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