Does your nose make you feel self-conscious?

Does your nose make you feel self-conscious?

“From the time I was in sixth grade, I was unhappy with the shape of my nose,” recalls 23-year-old Monica. “I was embarrassed about my profile. My nose had a hump, and I knew I wanted something done someday.”

Whether you feel your nose is too long, too wide, or you have a bump on the bridge of your nose that makes you self-conscious, nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty can give you the contours you desire.

Balancing the facial features

“When a patient comes to me for a nose reshaping consultation, I evaluate the entire face, not just the nose,” says Dr. Rappaport. “In some cases, I may recommend doing another procedure, such as chin augmentation, at the same time to bring the facial features into better harmony. This is what I recommended for Monica.”

“I really hadn’t thought about having my chin done,” Monica admits. “But when Dr. Rappaport showed me computer images of how my face would look if he moved my chin slightly forward, I agreed it made perfect sense.”

Correcting a deviated septum

In addition to making your nose more attractive, rhinoplasty can correct problems such as a deviated septum. This is a condition where the cartilage that separates the nostrils leans to one side, which can cause breathing problems, chronic stuffiness, post-nasal drip and even snoring.

“I had my deviated septum fixed when I had my nose reshaping surgery,” Monica adds.

Reconstructive surgery can be covered by insurance

“Rhinoplasty is considered reconstructive—as opposed to cosmetic—plastic surgery when it repairs an injury to the nose or corrects a functional or obstructive disorder,” Dr. Rappaport explains.

“Insurance may cover the cost of reconstructive surgery,” he says. “Or, in cases where a procedure involves both cosmetic and reconstructive work, insurance may pay only for the reconstructive portion. If you are having reconstructive surgery, we will help you file the insurance paperwork.”

‘It’s a natural look’

Monica is very pleased with the results of her surgery. “It’s a subtle change, a natural look,” she says. “I didn’t want anyone to come to me and say, ‘You’ve had your nose and chin done!’ Dr. Rappaport smoothed out the top of my nose. Now I’m happy with my profile. It makes me feel more confident, especially when people are taking photos and in social situations.”

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