The Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

breast reconstruction benefits

The Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that rebuilds the breast after surgery for breast cancer. It can be performed after a lumpectomy that leaves the breast disfigured or after a mastectomy when the entire breast is removed. Breast reconstruction offers women a chance to regain control of their lives and their bodies after dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment. Dr. Rappaport offers a number of options in breast reconstruction at the Houston Center for Plastic Surgery because he has seen firsthand how this procedure benefits many breast cancer survivors.

Breast Reconstruction Advantages

There are many reasons why breast reconstruction surgery can be a positive step after breast cancer treatment:

Brings balance and proportion back to a woman’s body.

After a mastectomy, a woman may feel like her body has lost it proportions and feminine contour. Breast reconstruction can bring that balance back to her appearance, making her feel more comfortable in clothing and bathing suits once again.

Restores a woman’s sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.

The breasts are an important part of a woman’s femininity and their loss can directly impact a woman’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Breast reconstruction gives a woman back what she lost, restoring her self-confidence and helping her to move on after breast cancer.

Offers variety of options to customize to woman’s unique needs.

There are many different options in breast reconstruction today, from the timing of the surgery to the method in which it is performed. More options means plastic surgeons can now tailor these procedures to the specific needs and desired outcome of each individual patient. For women, the ability to customize the procedure ensures they get just the results they are looking for and on their own terms.

Provides dramatic and permanent results

Breast reconstruction surgery, whether using synthetic implants or the woman’s own tissue, offers natural results that give a woman confidence in her appearance. These procedures also provide long-lasting, even permanent results for most women, eliminating the need for additional surgery later on.

Breast Reconstruction Candidates

Factors that will determine whether you are a good candidate for breast reconstruction include the following:

  • Health – Aside from your cancer treatment, you should be in relatively good health to tolerate the reconstruction process well.
  • Weight – While weight does not rule a woman out for breast cancer surgery, women with a BMI of less than 30 tend to see the best results.
  • Smoking – Nicotine affects the body’s ability to heal and can pose additional risks associated with anesthesia. For this reason, Dr. Rappaport asks all of his patients to stop smoking many months before surgery and many months afterward to ensure full healing can take place.
  • Medications – Some medications can increase your risk for bleeding during and after surgery, so Dr. Rappaport will likely ask you to stop taking them for a period of time to avoid complications with your procedure.

Type of Breast Cancer Treatment – Treatments like radiation and chemotherapy don’t typically rule out your candidacy for breast reconstruction, but they can impact when and how the surgery will be performed. Since treatment is your top priority, reconstruction surgery must work around your treatment protocol

Dr. Rappaport will discuss all of these variables with you prior to your reconstruction procedure to determine the safest and most successful way to perform your reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction can have a huge and positive impact on a woman’s life after breast cancer. Finding the right plastic surgeon will make all the difference in the safety and the success of your procedure. To learn more about breast reconstruction, contact Houston Center for Plastic Surgery at (713) 790-4500.

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