Am I A Candidate For Breast Reduction?

Am I A Candidate For Breast Reduction?

Clearly, by definition, people inquiring about breast reduction desire smaller breasts. Some may be having symptoms such as upper back and neck discomfort and shoulder strap grooving  associated with the additional weight of the breasts and/or recurrent skin breakdown beneath the breasts while others may just desire a smaller, more shapely appearance of their breasts. Either group may be a candidate for a breast reduction procedure.   If you believe that you may desire a breast reduction, it is most appropriate to make an appointment for a consultation to discuss the procedure, expectations and possible complication of surgery of the breasts.

A few things to keep in mind if you are considering a breast reduction procedure:

1.       It is always best to be at a reasonable weight (BMI<30 preferable).  This is important because a goal of the procedure is to improve body contour as well as improve symptoms. Being significantly over weight and having a breast reduction procedure may adversely affect your general appearance; i.e. your abdomen will appear more prominent because your breasts have not only been reduced but elevated.  Similarly, other body parts may appear out of proportion. In some instances, were you to lose considerable weight after having had a breast reduction procedure, you may then require a breast enhancement to achieve better body proportion.

2.       Breast Reductions may, or may not, be covered under your insurance policy.  If it is a covered procedure, each company has its own guidelines for coverage such as requiring prior conservative treatment modalities, letters of medical necessity from your PCP or Chiropractor and the amount of tissue that must be removed to qualify as a reduction.  It is best that you are aware of your policy requirements. If, at the time of your consultation, we believe that you are a surgical candidate that could qualify under the terms of your policy, our office will assist with the preauthorization process.  It should be kept in mind that preauthorization by the insurance company is not a guarantee of payment.  Should you not qualify, or believe that the amount of tissue required to be removed under the terms of your policy excessive, an elective lift with a more modest reduction of the breast can still be performed.

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