5 Tips for Ensuring the Best Outcome from Your Plastic Surgery

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5 Tips for Ensuring the Best Outcome from Your Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery allows you to see your cosmetic goals become reality. However, the success of your surgery depends on how well you follow pre- and post-operative instructions that provide your body the greatest opportunity to heal properly. Before you schedule your procedure, check out these five tips from Houston Center for Plastic Surgery to ensure your plastic surgery is as successful as possible.

Start Healthy

The key to ending your plastic surgery well is starting it right. This means going into your surgery in the healthiest condition possible. Surgeons typically recommend patients kick the smoking habit months before a procedure, to prevent poor wound healing and other complications. Patients that go into surgery with a healthy weight also tend to have better outcomes. If your health is not as good as it could be, take steps to improve it before you move forward with your plastic surgery.

Eat and Hydrate Well

Your diet before and after surgery will also dictate how well your recovery goes. Avoid highly processed foods and opt for fresh, raw choices in fruits and vegetables. Whole grains are also an important addition, since they will keep your digestive system running smoothly after your procedure. Hydration is particularly important after the procedure, so have plenty of broth, Jell-O and other liquids on hand during your recovery, in addition to drinking plenty of water daily.

Plan Your Recovery

Before your procedure, make sure you plan ample time for your recovery. Most surgeries require at least a week or two of rest and recuperation before you will be feeling like returning to your daily schedule. Use that time to rest and allow your body to heal fully. It is also essential to have a support system with you after your procedure, to care for your physical needs and to help you work through the emotions that typically follow plastic surgery.

Practice Patience

It is common for plastic surgery patients to look and feel much worse after their procedure before they begin to improve. Recovery from these procedures requires a great deal of patience and willingness to follow post-operative instructions even when improvements seem to be slow in coming. Educate yourself on what to expect from the recovery process before you undergo your procedure, so you are not surprised by the swelling, bruising or discomfort you might experience the first few days. Most patients will begin to see significant improvement by the third week after surgery, which only continues to get better in the weeks following.

Pamper Your Skin

Once you are ready to return to regular activities, make sure your skin is well protected before heading outdoors. Sun protection is a must any time, but especially after a procedure that leaves the outer dermis more susceptible to sun damage. Ask your physician about medical-grade skincare products that will support your skin and enhance the results of your procedure. You can also ask about professional treatments that might take your cosmetic results to the next level.

Plastic surgery is an involved process that requires time, education and plenty of self-care. The staff at Houston Center for Plastic Surgery is committed to ensuring both your procedure and your recovery are as successful as possible. To learn more, contact our office at (713) 790-4500.

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